CANCER…that ignominious cell intruder who covers itself with a ‘cloak’, like a blood clot, and stealthily evades our immune system. Then proceeds to defy death and multiply to take over our, previously healthy body, to make it its own.

The word invokes fear.

Because there is no cure.

And even if you do get rid of it, it taunts you mercilessly that one day, “it will be back.”

So what do we do?

We know that 30% is related to the person’s Microbiome, that 50% is their altered Immune System, the remaining 20% is…a mystery, e.g.,  Genetic? Epigenetic? Methylation? Stress? Hypoxia?

The aims include,

1.       To increase the host’s resistance to cancer cells and to improve the terrain to which these cells aim for.

2.       To nourish with a wholesome diet

3.       To focus on the health of the whole person; spiritually, mentally, intellectually, socially.

4.       To provide an individual treatment, not just a blanket response.

5.       To provide natural remedies with no side-effects.

Some treatments would include,

a)      Relaxation, distress activities and perspectives

b)      Anti-anxiety herbal treatment

c)       Anti-inflammatory and immune/ auto-immune support

d)      Slowing tumour growth and inciting cancer cell apoptosis

e)      Hormonal balance

f)       Blood sugar level regulation

g)      Support for liver and kidneys

h)      Microbiome rebalance

i)        All individually-based  treatments

j)        Ancient wisdom.

Our immune system has a Tumour necrosis Factor which daily eradicates stray cells, a DNA which checks the helix and attempts to mend it; but we are far from finding a cure. Natural Medicine believes that our body has the power to heal itself, and, with the right conditions, it can do so. However, finding those ‘right’ conditions can be challenging. If we can re-strengthen and support the body’s natural immune defenses, we can improve the possibility of improving protection against cancer cells developing and allowing some sort of “spontaneous recovery after the event” (Bone and Mills (2013:175) Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. 2nd Ed. Churchill Livingstone. Elsevier. USA).

Pamela Wade

Sunshine Beach Naturopathy 2017

Photo by selvanegra/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by selvanegra/iStock / Getty Images


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can drive a parent “up the wall’.

 ADHD and ASD children do not sleep well at night time and so miss out on their restorative brain and body maintenance. Their little body struggles to detoxify adequately, often with many heavy metal environmental poisons remaining in circulation, not allowing them to function effectively, or more importantly, feel good.

As a consequence of their super-activity, most ADHD children are deficient in basic minerals, especially magnesium necessary for nerve, mood and muscle functions.

Alongside this comes an exhausted adrenal system which does not seem to let the child sleep, feel good or respond to life’s situations rationally. They get very irritable and run on either too much adrenalin or eventually run out of it.

Nutritionally, all this activity is too much depletion.

If you have an overactive child, and are feeling like he needs some natural intervention, please see me for a consultation.

Pamela Wade

Adv Dip Naturopathy

Photo by ulkas/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ulkas/iStock / Getty Images