Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can drive a parent “up the wall’.

 ADHD and ASD children do not sleep well at night time and so miss out on their restorative brain and body maintenance. Their little body struggles to detoxify adequately, often with many heavy metal environmental poisons remaining in circulation, not allowing them to function effectively, or more importantly, feel good.

As a consequence of their super-activity, most ADHD children are deficient in basic minerals, especially magnesium necessary for nerve, mood and muscle functions.

Alongside this comes an exhausted adrenal system which does not seem to let the child sleep, feel good or respond to life’s situations rationally. They get very irritable and run on either too much adrenalin or eventually run out of it.

Nutritionally, all this activity is too much depletion.

If you have an overactive child, and are feeling like he needs some natural intervention, please see me for a consultation.

Pamela Wade

Adv Dip Naturopathy

Photo by ulkas/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ulkas/iStock / Getty Images