Burn Out
Adrenal Fatigue

Too much hard work at the office?             
Long hours?               
Overdoing it?    
Got too much going on?
Awake at night but asleep in the morning? These are some of the distress signals your body sends out to warn you.

Your cortisol - adrenaline rhythm is getting out of whack by not putting you to sleep at night and by not waking you up in the morning.
This affects your adrenal glands located, like a hat, on top of your kidneys. They release the adrenaline you need for fight or flight but can go haywire if under too much stress.
This can lead to feeling overwhelmed or depressed, and not quite functioning right. Your moods will cascade where they want to go, leaving you feel a little perplexed and struggling to cope, at times.

Emotional, stressful situations will do the same thing. Your testosterone hormones will be depleting fast and recurring infections will start to increase. This is also a warning signal that all is not well and it is time to step back and make some good decisions.
Your health, both emotional and physical, is very important to you and YOU MATTER.

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