This is a disease cascade where the body gets confused on which are healthy and which are non-healthy cells. It tries to eliminate healthy cells becoming over-sensitive and inappropriate in its response, and causing a cascade of symptoms. The causes can be myriad. They can be traced back to a combination of genetic predispositions, or viral infections e.g. EBV, tissue damage, food allergies, environmental toxins, imbalanced intestinal flora, and certain drugs, for example, with women being more susceptible.

To date,  there is no known medical cure for Autoimmune Disorder. However, naturopaths can look at your clinical signs and symptoms, including your health history, to identify probable causes and begin to strengthen your own immune system again. Your body has a will to restore itself to health and is grateful for the natural support yougive it.

The symptomscan include a list e.g. fatigue, fever, muscle aches and pains, low mood or irritability, weight changes, inflammation, and poor health.

Generally, autoimmunity targets either an organ specifically, e.g. the Thyroid; causing Grave's Disease or Hashimoto’s , or,

your whole body systemically e.g. skin, 

or you may have allergies.

But in all cases, the active immune T-Cells (TH1 or TH2) are involved.

There are also various tests available i.e. Hair-Mineral Analysis, Zinc test, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Urine Analysis, FLD detox Pathway , or a Hepatic Detox Profile to identify which toxins are causing damage. Often, a gentle detoxification process is recommended at some stage.

The treatment first attempts to identify the main cause and what keeps sustaining it.

                         Secondly, we select the appropriate herbs to support the organ and your immune system to stop it over-reacting and to encourage its original function.

                        Next, we minimize and manage pain and inflammation to achieve a level of comfort.

                       Finally, we provide supplements of essential vitamins and minerals, and, you will receive a supportive diet advice with a list of particular foods to avoid , or add.

If you are concerned, or know, you have an autoimmune condition, for a better quality of life, come and see us today for quality intervention. We would love to see you.