These are whole plants with carefully, safely and clinically, extracted active biological constituents superior in bio-availability to your body's cells.
They are regulated by the government TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) and monitored regularly for purity, efficiency and effectiveness. They are safe and very effective when prescribed accurately.

Herbal treatment dates back beyond Hippocrates to ancient civilizations and has been tested through time.

 A suitable selection will be combined for your specific condition to assist your body regain its healing power back to the equilibrium it desires.

However, some medications may interact with these powerful herbal extracts, so it is important to let your practitioner know of any medications you are taking.

They are safe for children.

Some conditions which respond well to herbal remedies are; anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, PMS, menopause, digestion, liver detox, exhaustion, male and female hormone support.

If your Immune System, which has Natural Killer Cells, T-Cells and B-cells to defend you, has become fatigued through age, or continued stress, low iron, previous viral infections or poor diet,  selected whole plant extracts, without side effects, can boost your body's strength and assist your immune cells to perform well and protect you from chronic illnesses.

Herbal extracts from plants have been used since ancient times, and will be used in the future. There is Biblical reference in Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2 that, ".. the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations."