Liver Detox
Did you only half detox last time?

Detoxing your liver consists of two, even three, Phases.
Enzymes break down toxins and get them ready to be conjugated. Then they are conjugated to become water soluble to pass out through sweat, urine, tears, breath, or skin.
If this phase 2 is not complete, or blocked, the toxins remain as fatty toxins and they go into organs or tissues where they can cause damage in the long term.
The methylation process is very important. You could have dark circles under eyes, bad breath, yellow tongue, digestive & emotional problems, low sex hormones, hypercholesterolemia, flatulence, allergies, bloating, PMT, or morning sickness, if this is not working well.

With a recommended diet, vitamin supplementation, supportive herbs and 30 minutes of physical activity per day, you should be well on your way to feeling better, having clearer skin, healthy thinking and memory recall, easy assimilation of nutrients from digestion and easier elimination, reduction in illnesses and lethargy, renewed vitality and vigour, hormonal rebalances and a reduction in developing a liability to chronic diseases. Sounds better!

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